Welcome to the YaLiMon Website

YaLiMon is an acronym for Yet Another Linux Monitoring tool. It is a tool that runs on a linux-based operating system and gathers information about several system variables. It then stores these system variables in a round robin archive. Next thing YaLiMon does is showing these system variables on nice looking graphs.

Our goal

The goal of this project is to provide linux server monitoring in an easy to use modular way.

How does it work?

  1. Install tobi oetikers rrdtool and python, they are available in most software repositories of popular distributions like debian, ubuntu and SuSE
  2. download YaLiMon
  3. Unpack the package using tar xvzf yalimon-x.x.tar.gz
  4. Make img, db and logs directories world writable: chmod 0766 ./img ./db ./logs
  5. Put following line in a cron tab (crontab -u <USERNAME> -e): * * * * * /path/to/yalimon/main.py > /dev/null 2>>/path/to/yalimon/logs/err.log
  6. The graphs will automatically be created in the img directory

Questions and suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to ask on our support forum, registration is not obligated.

Quick download


  • v1pEr (core development and project website)
  • Tsa (core development)
  • Fons (YaLiMon Website)

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